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My favorite food in Taiwan:

1) 台南人愛當早餐的牛肉湯- beef soup from a shop called “6 thousand” in Tainan.    This is unfrozen fresh beef from the farm. It reminds me of Vietnamese Pho soup.    I drank 3 bowls that morning with my grandMum at 7:35am.    It is simple, sweet, and very clear broth.    All the real taste comes from the simple stuff….

2) Fire Grilled Chicken skin- This is also Phebe’s favorite. (Phebe is a 3 year old Taiwanese girl at my church in Ohio.)   It is grilled on fire like the Taiwanese corn at night market.    My sweet cousin Karen promised to deliver some ‘chicken skin’ to me if I got arrested on Taipei 101 roof.   The texture & spicy sauce on it are just DIVINE!!!!!


JohnJohn =)