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I luv Taiwan where:

~ I can get 60 games in one combo game card for Nintendo DS.

~ {Tainan} I can drink beef soup for breakfast after taiChi dancing class with my grandMum, where the beef is unfrozen and just killed that morning

~ {TaiChung} I can go to a public indoor/outdoor swim pool, with 15 different type of jet/bubble/hot/cold spa for a normal affortable price

~ I can goto 7-Eleven to pick up all the online books I ordered, ship all package, pay all electric/gas/creditCard bill, have choice of 10 types of tea, 100 types of drinks from Japan/Taiwan, eat a spicy(maLa) hotDog, have greenTea flavor slurpee, fish cakes, 20 different type of raman noodles

~ I can get on a high speed bullet train from a metro/subway line from Taipei train station.

~ I can pee (in the restroom at the swatDown toilet) at the highest building in the world, Taipei 101, and still live to brag about it on internet…..

~I can visit the store where GM Chang taught the grandPup how to sew his first SC jacket( This store is now owned by the 3rd generation who is about my age. The father and grandPup sat down to drink tea with me and shared some GM Chang’s story with me.

~ I can visit lots GM Chang students: Roger Soo, Jimmy Wu, & the whole gang of police learning SC at the Central Police University….. It just so happens I met Daivd Lin, Victor Ker, and GM Chang’s eldest son. We drink small glasses of Jinman GaoLiang with the lady boss….

~ I can find some amazing martial artist hidden away in the corners of park among with the aerobic dancing, KTV of singing Japanese, ballRoom dancing group, and badminton match every morning.

~ I can get the worst direction when I got lost from almost everyOne, yet I still speak Chinese.

~ I can sit on a message chair with person monitor of games, movies, and news to choose from to travel from city to city at affortable cost.

~ I have so many cute female cousins, yet I do not know most of their chinese names or I get them mixed up. (Kirk and I have been live in USA for about 20 years before we went back to our motherLand.) I just call them little sis or mayMay in Mandarin & they are Okay with that.

~ I can eat my NEW favorite food in the world, fired grilled spicy chicken skin!!!!!!

~ I had a long talk with one of my favorite MA teacher mBrinkman.

some of the pics from Taiwan:

still jet lagged from the trip,
JH =)