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Hi. Let me tell you about myself. I like to eat. Sometimes I drink green tea and juice. Often times I even sleep! And then in between all of those, read computer books, program (Java,, C#, Python, and CPP), surf the net, rip mp3’s, hack around in my 3 computers LAN @ home , snowboard, mountaineering, and pratice martial arts. Most of the time I do all of those, practically everyday! And sometimes I do things with other people. I still goto school (MSCIS & MSCE), and I work as a programmer / EIT.

My talents are: solving complex problems, programming, math, teaching, human jump rope (ask me about this), and martial arts !!!!! More interesting facts about me….


Opera, Jazz, Japanese pop, Latin pop is the BOMB!!!! Check out my station….

Features: Utada Hiharu, Andrea Bocelli, Mana, Aretha Franklin, Harry Belafonte, Cecilia Bartoli, Gipsy Kings, 1 Giant Leap, A-Mei more….


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